In Between

Rafaël Frost

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Rafaël Frost

Call This Love

Rafaël Frost & Neev Kennedy



New Dawn

Rafaël Frost & Sarah Lynn

Little Wonder

Breame & Jack Vath


Rafaël Frost


Rafaël Frost


Zack Shaar

Along The Way

Zack Shaar



No Mistakes

Rafaël Frost & Maria Nayler

City 21

Zack Shaar


Rafaël Frost


Zack Shaar


Invalyd ft. Jonny Rise


Rafaël Frost

GO! The Compilation

Rafaël Frost

Never Been Hurt Before

Rafaël Frost & Ana Criado


Rafaël Frost


Rafaël Frost


Rafaël Frost ft. Yassine

New York

Rafaël Frost


Rafaël Frost & Jennifer Rene

Never Coming Down

Invalyd ft. Polina


Rafaël Frost

Coming soon!

A brand new sample pack by Rafaël Frost

This upcoming pack will not be your average 300 loops sample pack, instead expect only a fine selection of high quality sounds which are actually usable so you can continue your production without interrupting your creative flow. All samples have been created by Rafaël Frost.

More info soon...


Do you like the mixes on Frost Recordings? Apply the same clarity and fullness on any track of your own using our Mastering Service. Choose a package from below, submit the contact form containing your package choice and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Not happy with the master we sent you? You can always request a second mastering revision free of charge.

Stereo Mastering

  • Mastering of a single WAV file

  • One set of revisions allowed on request

STEM Mastering

  •  Group Mastering (max. 6 stems)

  • One set of revisions allowed on request

  • 10% discount on pack of 5 or more songs

Full Mastering

  • Mastering of individual tracks (max. 40 tracks)

  • One set of revisions allowed on request

  • 10% discount on pack of 5 or more songs

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Frost Recordings

Rafaël Frost

Label Owner / Producer


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